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UC Merced students produce new play about environmental justice
Written, acted, and produced by students, "Fire, Water, Poison, Hope" seen by almost 200 people.
Students from an Environmental Humanities class visit the Merced Vernal Pools & Grassland Reserve on campus
New Environmental Humanities Major: First of its Kind in the UC System
Have you heard about Environmental Humanities (EH), launching in Fall 2024?

Environmental Humanities at UC Merced

“Art, like religion, is one of the ways we digest what is happening to us, make the sense out of it that proceeds to action... We can register what is happening with satellites and scientific instruments, but can we register it in our imaginations, the most sensitive of all our devices?” – founder Bill McKibben

The stories of biodiversity loss, climate catastrophe, and environmental justice need to be told. An increasing amount of research indicates that compelling, persuasive storytelling is vital to ensuring cooperative environmental action.

UC Merced's Environmental Humanities major and minor will equip students to be science writers, non-for-profit leaders, public relations and communications staff for environmental agencies, environmental lawyers, political advisors and politicians, interpretive rangers, environmental consultants and business workers, novelists, screenwriters, poets, and songwriters who tell ecocritical stories: graduates of this urgent and career-oriented program will be professionals who understand environmental science and environmental injustice and can tell compelling stories about the research and data that urges action.

Follow recent news about this exciting new progam, including careers, classes, and more on Instagram @ucmenvirohums 

Events and Happenings

Many UC Merced students are involved with Shakespeare in Yosemite, an environmental humanities/arts project that has been going on since 2017. The...

University Main Campus

Join us for a free Arts & the Environment panel featuring Elizabeth Freestone, author of 100 Plays to Save the World, and a British theatre...
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Featured News

December 19, 2023
Students who are interested in creatively conveying the urgency of environmental issues can make that mission the focus of their studies when the new environmental humanities (EH) major begins at UC...
December 19, 2023
Almost 200 people saw "Fire, Water, Poison, Hope" in December 2023. It was produced by the Theatre and Ecology course and performed on campus and at Playhouse Merced.